Kids In The Kitchen

Melbourne 1983-1988



Change In Mood            1983    2   Produced by Ricky Fataar and Tim Kramer

Single   AUS   White K9220

Bitter Desire             1984    2   Produced by David Kershenbaum

Single   AUS   White K9353

Something That You Said   1985    2   Produced by Kids In The Kitchen and Tom Panunzio

Single   AUS   White K9578

Shine                     1985   10   Produced by Mark S. Berry, Ricky Fataar, Tim Kramer, David Kershenbaum and Tom Panunzio

CD       AUS   Mushroom CD53168 (3 bonus tracks, Made in Japan)
         AUS   Mushroom MUSH32201.2 (re-issue 1998, 3 bonus tracks)

LP       AUS   Mushroom RML-53168
         AUS   Mushroom L19248
         GER   Sire 925377-1 (issued 1986, entitled "Kids In The Kitchen")
         USA   Sire 25377 (issued 1986, entitled "Kids In The Kitchen")

MC       AUS   Mushroom RMC-53168
         GER   Sire 925377-4 (issued 1986, entitled "Kids In The Kitchen")

Terrain                   1987   10   Produced by Richard Gottehrer, Craig Harnath, Kids In The Kitchen, Andy Wallace and David Kershenbaum

CD       AUS   Mushroom CD38775 (4 bonus tracks)
         AUS   Mushroom D19449 (4 bonus tracks, Made in Japan)
         AUS   Mushroom MUSH32202.2 (4 bonus tracks)

LP       AUS   Mushroom L-38775


Carne Scott (v) 1983-1988 Minus Five, Apocalypse, Priscilla's Nightmare, Gotta Whole Lotta Flair, Jive Dive Band, Diamond Dogs, solo-singles, Scott and The Family Carne, Scott Carne's Human Soup, Mushroom 25 Live
Carranza Claude (g) 1983-1985 Dorothy Moore Band, Sammy Gaha Band, The Motive (USA), Carl Stewart (USA), The Imports, Un Tabu, King Cobra, Rocky Horror Show tour, Gotta Whole Lotta Flair, Jabulani, Jive Dive Band, The Kolors, Bakes Potato, Desert Fox, Ian Moss Band, The Revelators, Kylie Minogue band, Jimmy Barnes band, Joe Camilleri band, Bigfoot
Coia Alistair (k) 1984-1987 News At Six
Curnow Bruce (d) 1983-1986 ---
Dorman Greg (g) 1983-1984 Apocalypse, The Goodtime Corporation
Harnath Craig (b) 1983-1987 Thor, The Rock Gods, Gravity, Chocolate Starfish
Johnston Scott (d) 1986 Jimmy and The Boys, Outline, Rose Tattoo, Mama's Darlings, Peter Wells Band
Kershaw Simon (k) 1987 Go 101, Chantoozies, Jo Beth Taylor Band
Sterling Silver (d) 198? ---
Stonehouse Jason (d) 1987 Precious Little and The Soul Miners
Williamson Dave (sax) 198? Strange Tenants, Relax With Max, Crimes of Paris, Yo Yo, Gospel Choir, Peaceful Anticipation, Social Aid and Pleasure Club, Emma Franz and The Coolgardies, Movin' and Groovin' Orchestra
Woodhead Greg (k) 1983-1984 The Goodtime Corporation, Honey Thieves

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